Audio Books

Title: The Diaries, volume one

Author: John Evelyn

Description: John Evelyn was a 17th century polymath, with interests in the fine arts, architecture, gardening, as well as anatomy and the natural sciences. He was a fervent supporter of the Stuart monarchy and lived abroad during much of the English Civil War. His Diaries, which rank alongside those of Samuel Pepys for perceptive commentary on the times in which he lived, span his adult years.


Title: The Man Who Was Thursday

Author: G.K.Chesterton

Description: Subtitled by the author as a “Nightmare”, this is a fantasy, comic thriller about a plot to end the world by a group of anarchists. Generally regarded as Chesterton’s most impressive nove


Title: Ghetto Comedies

Author: Israel Zangwill

Description: A series of tales, poignant as well as comic, mainly set in the Jewish East End of London, by the writer known as the “Dickens of the ghetto” –


Title: England, My England

Author: D.H. Lawrence

Description: A book of ten short stories, written with Lawrence’s typical sensibility to and awareness of social mores, set around the period of the First World War


Title: Typhoon

Author: Joseph Conrad

Description: A seafaring novella in which those manning ships are pitted against the forces of nature. A typical Conrad exploration of human beings under emotional strain with the consequences for social and spiritual existence.


Title: Alice Dugdale

Author: Anthony Trollope

Description: An ordinary village girl’s plans for the future with her long-standing beau are threatened when he is seen to be an attractive prospect by a local noble family Trollope’s novella works through the consequences with typical affection and sensitivity.


Title: Riceyman Steps

Author: Arnold Bennett

Description: Arnold Bennett’s masterly novel is a gritty tale about a bookseller whose life and love of a woman are afflicted by miserliness. It is set in London’s characterful Clerkenwell district shortly after the First World War.


Title: The Journal of a Tour to he Hebrides with Samuel Johnson

Author: James Boswell

Description: An anecdotal account of the journey undertaken by James Boswell and Samuel Johnson to the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides Islands


Title: Non-Combatants and Others

Author: Rose Macaulay

Description: Through a variety of experiences of the effects of the First World War, an art student is drawn into pacifism. Rose Macaulay’s satirical novel is passionate, and witty


Title: An Eye for an Eye

Author: Anthony Trollope

Description: A short but typical Trollope romance in which a young nobleman is torn between love for an impoverished Irish girl and the expectations of his family that he will marry someone suitable for inheriting an Earldom


Review: “Trollope brings so much life to his characters – and Anthony Ogus’ reading is, as usual, superb – that at the end of the stories I feel as though friends have gone away.” Margaret87

Title: Sea and Sardinia

Author: D.H.Lawrence

Description: A travel book describing a journey taken by Lawrence and his wife Frieda (whom he refers to as the Queen Bee) by sea from Sicily to Sardinia and then in the interior of that island


Title: The New Machiavelli

Author: H.G. Wells

Description: About a political idealist who changes his colours and engages in a sexual adventure, this novel by H.G. Wells generated controversy when it was first published in 1911.


Title: Nina Balatka

Author: Anthony Trollope

Description: A romance set in Prague between a Catholic and a Jew. In this short novel, Trollope moves away from his usual milieu to explore a theme which has universal resonance.


Title: Love and Mr Lewisham

Author: H.G. Wells

Description: The teaching profession, science and politics in late 19th century England. H.G.Wells’ humorous early novel, drawing on his own life, shows how these – as well as involvement in spiritualism – have to compete with love.



“Surprising book from Wells. Excellent reading by Anthony Ogus. I really loved this story. Will listen to Mrs. Lewisham next. Thank you Mr. Ogus OOps – there’s no Mrs. Lewisham – I got mixed up with Mrs. Biggs.” Zobert

“Wells’ Love and Mr. Lewisham – probably new to many of us – is a really compelling and often humorous coming of age story. As the hero moves from his late teens into his mid-twenties his reflections on the meaning of life combine faulty logic and clumsy expression with startling wisdom. The reader, Anthony Ogus, does a wonderful job of conveying the combination of sober truth and asinine humor flowing through this really good story. Good job Mr. Ogus!” Kersten

Title: Travels with my Opera Glasses

Author: Anthony Ogus

Description: My experiences as an opera-goer, from the 1960s to the present. It deals with the delights and disappointments from seeking out opera performances in different countries.


Title: The Three Clerks

Author: Anthony Trollope

Description: Romance and crime in the mid-19th century British Civil Service. In this early novel,Trollope draws on his own experiences as a junior clerk in the General Post Office to provide an entertaining and moving account of how ambition within the service can affect friendship and love.


Reviews: “Admittedly I’m a fan of Trollope, but The Three Clerks must be among my favourites now. The dialogues between Undy and Alaric are chilling – Trollope could be describing too many of today’s politicians. So beautifully read by Anthony Ogus.” Margaret 87

“The absolutely brilliant reading performance of Anthony Ogus kept me going. Mr. Ogus is pitch-perfect as narrator, reading with exquisite enunciation and perfect timing. I almost fancied I was hearing the voice of Anthony Trollope, himself, reading the story, so suited is the reader for the book. Highly, highly recommend a listen!” AstridStar

Title: Pictures from Italy

Author: Charles Dickens

Description: Dickens takes time off his novels to give an account of travels which he and his family undertook in France and Italy. There are vivid descriptions of the places, but also of the people and their lives.


Title: Kipps

Author: H.G.Wells

Description: A poignant tale about ambition and social class in England in the early 20th century by H.G. Wells, a master of this genre, who drew on features of his own life to provide some of the material.


Review: “Great reading of a story I loved. Wells not only conjured futuristic visions, he saw the reality of social and economic repression. His observations are sadly as true today as then. Plus H.G. was a far more sensual and romantic person than I thought. As in Mr. Lewisham, his love ‘scenes’ are very tender and real.” Zobert